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About Us

JAYATI TOOLS, An OEM to automobile companies, manufacturer of hand tools, hand tools, tools, automobile tools, tool kits, tool kit, special purpose tools, DIY tools, do it yourself tools, Special purpose Tools & Ferrous/Non Ferrous Forgings, spanners, box spanners, wheel wrenches, wrenches, adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, pliers, screw drivers & bits, Sockets & Accessories, Tool Boxes /Tool Pouches, Miscellaneous Items / Tools, Delhi, India.

1. Our Company
  Jayati Tools is a privately held company. It was founded in 1981. It is manufacturing various Hand Tools, Automobile Tool Kits, DIY Tool Kit, and Special purpose Tools & Ferrous/Non Ferrous Forgings as an OEM to world leading automobile companies and against orders to Government Departments, Defence, Indian Railways and Exporters, directly exporting to Europe and USA.

2. Our Customers in Automobile Sector
Our customers are the Indian affiliates / arms of International Automobile Companies like HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, DAEWOO, JCB and Indian Automobile giants like TATA, BAJAJ, ESCORTS, Punjab Tractors Ltd., etc.

3. About the Directors
Mr.Neeraj Chopra, a Mechanical Engineer and Mr.Pankaj Chopra, a Commerce Graduate have about 23 years experience and very deep knowledge of a vide array of manufacturing process. Their experience of giving Quality and Price as per the Customer's Requirement has earned them Goodwill in the Indian market.

4. Manufacturing facilities
Our manufacturing facilities includes about 15,000 sq. feet area, over 100 trained employees, CNC supported tool room, Drop forging, Upset forging, Milling, Drilling, Turning, Grinding, Polishing, Vibratory finishing, Shot Blasting, Heat-Treatment, Zinc Plating. Ni. Chrome Plating and Powder coating etc.

5. Quality Standards
All products, we make are as per specifications/drawings of our customers. These products are made normally as per DIN / JIS / BIS quality standards.

6. Commitment to Quality
Jayati Tools is totally committed to quality. Our Product Development is supported by CAD facility and Raw Material are tested in Spectro Lab. Our products are passed through Hardness testing, Salt spray testing, Plating / Paint thickness testing, Torque testing, Load testing etc.

7. Certification of Quality
Being an (OEM) Original Equipment Manufactures, we make (PDIR) Pre Delivery Inspection Reports with every lot of consignment that leaves our premise. On request reports are given to parties.

8. Replacement Guarantee
Our products come with a Full Replacement Guarantee, if found defective.

9. ISO 9001 - 2000 Certification
Jayati Tools is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization. Click here to see ISO Certificate.

10. Our Quality Policy
JAYATI TOOLS is committed to achieve growth through customer satisfaction by providing trusted quality product, timely delivery and cost effectiveness by continual improvement.

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